Samco Machinery introduces the Max Stacker Material Handling System

August 10, 2017
Introducing the Max Stacker from Samco Machinery These state of the art material handling systems use cutting edge technology and can be designed to serve one or two rollforming lines. This two-line version is capable of packing and stacking made-to-order panel profiles of varying widths, with multiple lengths up to 40 feet. After a panel has been placed on one of the two 8 strand conveyors, a 3 axis shuttle car uses suction to pick up and place a protective sheet separator on the trailing edge of shorter panels as per instructions from the rollformer in order to prevent transit damage. This sheet dispensing system can accommodate protective materials made out of plastic, cardboard or steel. A completed bundle is then queued to the main central live roller pop up conveyor, which moves the product to the inline batch film dispensing system. As the order is processed, a bottom poly cover sheet, along with bubble wrap on top is applied to the stack, fusing the edges of both protective sheets to form a sealed leading edge that is ideal for preventing water or snow penetration during open transportation. The prepared bundle now enters a 60” wide wrapping machine, which applies a full length spiral wrap of protective film. Wooden battens are then automatically inserted and secured using ¾” Polyester strapping at various positions based on stack length. Once the entire bundle has been prepared for transit, a printed tracking label is applied inline to the finished product. A three strand chain conveyor transports the completed bundle to the Load Stacker where multiple bundles are stacked, ready for stock or shipping. The Max Stacker Series. Another innovation from Samco Machinery. For more information please contact Jorgo Ruco at 416-285-0619 x 367 for more information or e-mail us at:

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