Samco Machinery Steel Framing Roll Forming Equipment

October 12, 2017
Samco Machinery designs and manufactures state of the art steel frame roll forming equipment covering everything from 25 GA drywall stud and track machines all the way up to 12 GA structural lines. Our bestselling, incredibly versatile Greenfield roll forming machine is able to produce 100% of drywall AND up to 97% of the structural load bearing stud and track gauges and sizes. Equipped with cutting edge features such as quick changeover dies, one touch setup for multiple sizes, and a post cut-off flying press for parts with almost zero flare, this roll forming machine is the gold standard for steel framing efficiency and flexibility. At the lighter end of the scale our drywall stud and track machine is ideal for 20-25 gauge applications. This roll former runs all common drywall stud and track sizes from 1-5/8” - 6” web and features automated change over and quick setup. It also includes auto gauging for material thickness, and remote access monitoring. For heavy gauge structural applications the Samco Studmaker produces heavy gauge stud and track from 2.5” to 14” wide, in 20 to 12 gauge material. It can be quickly changed over to produce different widths, flange heights and gauges also all at the touch of a button. In addition to stud and track machines, Samco also manufactures accessories roll forming lines. These lines are continuous run, high performance roll forming lines designed to produce accessories in pre-punch, post-cut, continuous operations with variable speeds of up to 350 fpm. Samco also designs and manufactures material handling solutions for all of our steel framing roll formers. No matter what your steel framing manufacturing needs – Samco Machinery has you covered with the drywall stud and track machine, versatile Greenfield line, Samco Studmaker, Accessories lines and world leading material handling solutions. For more information, please contact Inside Sales at 416-285-0619 or by e-mail

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