Samco Machinery Automotive Rollformer with Inline Welding

February 20, 2018
This Samco high efficiency, production reliable rollforming line makes multiple automotive rail profiles, each welded into tubes in a continuous process complete with punching and inline welding. Key Features: 1 - 20,000 lb Double Ended Uncoiler & 20,000 lbs capacity Coil Car 2 - Coil End Shear Welder 3 - Flattener, Loop Control and Feeding Table 4 - Hydraulic Punching Press System complete with Quick Die Change System (manual push in/out system) 5 - Universal Rafted SUB Rollformer with 24 passes and additional 4 external 24-pass raft sets. 6 - Inline high frequency 100KW welder complete with Welder Monitoring System 7 - Two units of exit straighteners, Turkshead type 8 - Flying hydraulic Cut-Off Press with Closed Loop Length Control System 9 - Powered Run Off Conveyors For more information contact

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Samco Machinery 2017 Highlights with SIL
Samco Machinery 2017 Highlights with SIL

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