Samco Machinery Box Shelf Rollforming Line

November 28, 2018
This Samco high efficiency rollforming line allows for the manufacture of shelf products from raw coil to finished shelf. This turn-key solution allows coil strip feeding to a pre-punch and pre-notch system, then cut to length, which are in turn rollformed, welded, and wing-bent into a complete shelf. Key Features: 1 - Samco 20,000 lb Single Ended Uncoiler 2 - 20,000 lbs capacity Coil Car 3 - Pneumatically powered Threading Table 4 - Pre-Press Punching System with Loop Control 5 - Powered Flattener 6 - Hydraulic Stationary Cut Off Press 7 - Stub Shaft Roll Former with 18 stations; Duplex Roll Former with 10 stations 8 - Also includes: Powered Exit and Launching Conveyors, Wing Bender System, Stitch Welder, Corner Welder

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