Samco Machinery Purlinmaster Rollformer for C, Z, U Channels

July 7, 2017
This is a continuous and high performance Purlinmaster rollforming line with pre-punch/pre-cut parts designed to produce Cee, Zee & U Purlin Channels in a stop-and-go operation. This machine has the ability to perform at variable speeds up to 200 fpm depending on the punching pattern and part lengths. Featuring quick changeovers from one product to the other with all parts produced utilizing a fully automatic double duplex rollformer. Key Features: 1 - Coil Car Loading System assists in preparing and loading next coil onto uncoiler 2 - 10K Double Ended Uncoiler with hydraulic mandrel expansion 3 - Double Duplex Thru-Shaft Rollformer with variable speed drive (VFD) and motor system with inverter 4 - Quick changeover tooling for Cee, Zee, and U - with even or uneven flange heights 5 - Flexible Inline Auto Pre-Punch/Press selection system to punch all of the punching patterns in Cee, U and Zee purlin channels 6 - Closed Loop Length Control Systems 7 - Stationary cut-off shear suitable for Stop and Go operation 8 - Powered Launching Conveyor launches pre-cut strip to the entry guide of the rollformer. For more information, please contact
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